Lyrics for In Control of Things by YZ :
[Verse 1]
Pay attention, I’m about to go off
Z is not a show-off but if I have to blow off
Ya head with a mag full of lead or words I said
Then my mic will have to shed
Light on the situation so you don’t forget
What are the last 2 letters of the alphabet
Yet when I’m displaying and saying intelligent rhyme
The time is perfect for me to go for mine
Solo, for this chapter in the book
Tone is my partner, you bit the hook
Swallow, digest it, now I have to reel ya
Cut and reveal ya, just to show ya weakness
Even if I have to destroy your whole body system
It will be worth it, to make the crowd listen
As I kill and build and drill lyrics of skill
To show that Anthony Hill ain’t the average run of the mill
My will to live gives me extreme power, my rhymes tower
Yours are the size of a flower
Or better yet a grain of sand
Let me expand as I take command
I’m in control of things

[Verse 2]
Frequently rhymes are exposed to the public
Don’t try to dub this cause then I’ll have to rub this
12 gauge shotgun right against your brain
Won’t restrain, but pain will be your outcome
None of these rhymes have been made up of wishes or miracles
Only wise words that are spiritual
My light foresees me through the course of life
(Yo Z, why do you do this right?)
I’m in control of things

[Verse 3]
I’m in control of things, the ruler of the cycle
Power of a rifle, [?] my disciple
ESD Posse made up off prophets
Don’t try to mock this cause you can never stop this
Outrage of unrest and fury
You’re looking leary, but you can still hear me
Or fear me, or cheer me
With G-Rock, Young [?], [?], Tink
But pause for a second and think
I’m in control of things