Lyrics for Feeling Rich by ​yunggoth✰ :
[Verse 1]
f*ck a Nike swish, yeah
f*ck your favorite b*tch, yeah
Wait in line for the rest of the marching band, yeah
‘Cause I’m really flexed up
b*tch, I’m really flexed up
See my wrist, see my neck, now my sh*t flexed up
Who the f*ck you thought this was?
b*tch, I’m famous on the low
Guess I thought about the trap
b*tches shaking on my back
I’m already on the map
Guess I need to watch my back
‘Cause it’s over in the trap
f*ck bailing all of that
Who the f*ck you thought this was?
Old Mercedes on the low
I got goth in my blood
b*tches shady on the run
Bring the carti on the tap
Why the f*ck you call me that?
Guess I gotta hold her back
Hold her brains from my trap

Now you stuck on my list, feeling rich (b*tch)
Kiss the rollie on my b*tch, you faking, b*tch
Kiss the goth up in the lips, that’s a lisp
40 on my f*cking back, now that’s a trap