Lyrics for No Biggie by Yung Swayde :
I gots to talk, I gotta tell how i feel, I gotta talk about my life as i see it
No Biggie
No Biggie
No Biggie
No biggie

[Verse 1]
Ever since i was a youngin’ it was my dream to entertain every body who had interest in the rap game so sustain
If you don’t care about mr I don’t care about you and if you talk sh*t ill beat over a curbs and choke you with your own shoe laces
Sike im not a violent guy but test my inner killer and you’ll go without some dinner
Im a winner not a sinner but i know I’m different the flow delicious bounty hunting like sid vicious or the dog
But my crew on crew won’t stop until we have that ass ill tap the flask to get more drink out of it
The rap game is where the change is dispensed and when i put my money in it ima coin star never too far but the light at the end of the tunnel is close so i can taste freedom
And when i eat em I’m in the battles never baffled of gaffled and never talk about em wrong even when I’m in their girls thongs
And when I’m out with role models we out here asking for more bottled
I pull up to the ballot with a gallon never busting arctic oh yea my homie razo is quite the weapon lethal attack so well run up on you and say run it mother f*cker
Can’t you see you will get your gat strapped from your gat yea going all around with this mother f*cking sound

[Hook x4]
No Biggie

[Verse 2]
See motherf*cker I’m real all the time in the rhymes raps gaffs and laughs also stunting on your b*tch combust in her guts
Never bluff cause we keep it real, trill, fill up the gas tank i dare you but beware
Cause me and my homies will swarm on you well take your car too
But we spilling the rap sufley how does your b*tch like you you wear a tupay
But we are sure that 2 pac was killed 10 years ago today, thats what they used to say now its 15 years ago today
But i respect all music except country i mean its not hard to talk about your truck you farm and your freedom
I don’t give a f*ck if your a hip hip man if you come close i will beat you into submission
Catch me fishing cause the wisdom in my mind is cray never the less or depressed see I’m surpassed crashing over you its hostile take over, Home makeover
Never disposed and never ominous yes the flow is dominate
Yes we committing crimes all the time when we kick in the within the 4 floor all you see is bodies laying on the floor but you see that sh*t is no biggie

[Hook x4]
No biggie