Lyrics for Going Up (feat. Yung Rainz) by YUNG DP :
[Intro: YUNG DP]
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah (yeah)
WOO (haha)
Okay (Yuh)
Yeah !
[Verse 1: YUNG DP]
b*tch I need that green, no broccoli
You a mockery, why they mocking me
I’m going up, nobody stopping me
I think I’m popping b (WOO)
I flow subconsciously (WOO)
I steal yo hoe hypnotically (WOO)
I make that bank no monopoly
Hold up cause Josh like boy turn down the bass
I am right up in his face
Like boy you such a disgrace
Please do not come to my place
Aye i’m just playing
She on her knees but she ain’t praying
But she need Jesus
f*ck English, that’s my thesis
Failed that class but I don’t need it (cause I’m)
[Hook: YUNG DP]
Cause I’m going up
They don’t wanna see me going up
But b*tch I’m going up
Yung beginning blowing up
Now yo b*tch gon’ hit me up
She said I’m glowing up
They want me to say what’s up
But I don’t wanna say what’s up
Uh uh uh uh
[Verse 2: YUNG DP]
Like what the f*ck you think this is
This is Daniel Padilla
My chicken quesadilla
My senorita bonita
Glad to meet cha’
Imma’ pull up like a cheetah
Black and yellow, Wiz Khalifa
Imma’ beat ya ass down
Like bop bop pow, oh wow
You wasn’t f*cking with me then
But you f*cking with me now
How I do this, they must wonder how
I’m Going up I can’t slow down
I’m back in town, it’s Fullerton
They like “what’s up? Where you been?”
b*tch I’ve been putting my work in yeah
Like what’s up !
[Interlude: Kakashi Hatake]
Believe me. In this work, I’ve met a lot of guys who feel the way you do. Trust me. For those who follow the path of revenge, it never ends well…You’ll only tear yourself apart
[Verse 3: Yung Rainz]
Yup I’m going up
Yeah I’m going up
Never coming down
Yup I’m going up
Never coming down
Know what’s up
All my people know what’s up
I’m going up
I’m going up
[Outro: YUNG DP]
Aye aye aye
Aye aye aye (aye)
Uh, aye aye aye (yeah)
Woo !

Yuh, Yuh, Yuh !

Woo !
Woo ! Woo ! Woo !