Lyrics for New Season by Young Da Vinchi :
Yo Going through my most played list and throwing the top on the playlist hit shuffle while shuffling the poker cards yeah
My hands are the only things that fall asleep at night when I write these lines not taking lines or waiting in lines to get a card to buy a car
Only a matter of time before I become a star
All my dogs are sleeping in the reservoir with Kill Bill on the TV and a Pulp Fiction poster on the wall with the bast*rds posted up on standby
When they can’t get posted on an anti timeline and gotta waste they time with the simple f*cking rhymes
The sh*t makes me want to blow out my mind after I’m done blowing they mind with an explosion
Yeah you motherf*ckers crumbling like cause is erosion
Yeah I remember last summer I couldn’t write a single f*cking lyric now all you can hear is this sh*t in the new season
Now all of you are fearing this at night due to the paranoia from the blunt you lit up
Can you get this through your sick skull you thick f*ck
I’m on my own wave gotta pave my own f*cking road to the throne
My sh*t is going missing like megan due to the cyberbully f*cking sh*tty movies make me want to kill a groupie in the movies
Yeah I’m not like other rappers who can’t get a dedicated shorty till their f*cking forties when they’re it motherf*cker I’m the sh*t