Lyrics for Off Da Top Of Da Head Pt 2 by Yo Gotti :
A leo I want you to give me an in instrumental
Aite what kind
I wanna do that off da top of da head sh*t again
Let’s slo dat sh*t down this time
You f*ck with this
Yeah I f*ck with this
You know how we do it right
sh*t you no I been doin this to

[Verse 1:]
It go capital C Capital M he talk work but he from da M and he’s a real
n*gga (I am) free Tip tell my partnas off in Forrest City tour bus in da
Hood I took my whole apartments with me if ya want me come and get me I’m
Waitin on ya I got dat K with the motherf*ckin shank on it realest n*gga in
It I bet the bank on it (beep) shots fired man down no prank homie

[Verse 2:]
They say I’m well rounded did a song with Wiz and wale shoutout to Vegas
Chillen qt milli just to parle my n*gga f*ck what you say I got a spot in
Da A now keep them choppas on deck so you can get shot in the A I take a
Shot of Ciroc I got a bottle of Ace I shake it up pop the top and squirt
That sh*t in ya face you throw a rock and hide ya hands say that sh*t to my
Face I guess you want be satisfied until they give me a case a this dat
Cocain 6 realest sh*t in da streets n*ggas know when they see me I’m a go
Cmg I&E n*ggas know we in these streets this that Cocain 6

[Verse 3:]
A lot of n*ggas talkin loud dog but they don’t want no beef lot of rappers
Yappin bout that work but they ain’t in no streets quarter ounce ass n*gga
You will never equal me now all that gangsta sh*t you talkin don’t mean
Nothing to me biggest n*gga in my city so the haters target me I’m A1 just
Like my door so they gone have to market me wonder if I didn’t have this
Money would these b*tches f*ck a G don’t know the answer to that question
So sometimes that bothers me bothers me bothers me really really really
Really bothers me I’m standin on the couch where the models be you can
Catch me in the club where the bottles be gettin my money I’m a Kick my
Feet up told yung zilla we gone feed up b*tch bend over I bet you can’t
Beat up pull my di*k out bet you gone eat up we on chill you can’t read us
Best take notes try and be usin these streets everyday gone take a navy to
Defeat us choppas chop I’m gone rock I push that button it’s gone be war
Have them n*ggas with them choppas at yo mammy front door have yo
Grandmammy hollin oh lord on the church floor bring my baby back all black
All that and more it’s a long line lights on it look like a funeral n*gga
Playin with Gotti had him killed that’s how the rumor go my life ain’t no
Rumor doe I seen a hoe rumor doe my shooters got shooters you gettin money
But you goons are broke that sh*t don’t make sense to me maybe they should
Get we me I&E yo life ain’t worth sh*t to me but a brick to me and I just
Count a hundred to a chicken b you will never get to me charges never stick
To me realest I can be b*tches be lickin me suckin me and f*ckin me the
City know what’s up with me n*gga you a fan of me just want to shake the
Hand of me you the type to see me out and say man you just playin with me
Apologizin and askin for advice I’m the type to say f*ck you and yo boss I
f*cked his wife