Lyrics for Black Jesus by X (random) :
(Ray Cobaine)

All hail black Jesus
He ain’t shop at sacs neither
Wipe me down to da sneakers
Hatin on me, n*ggas geekin
All praise black Jesus
n*ggas need black teachers
n*ggas hatin, no reason
Celebrate, wrong season
We love black Jesus
n*gga still black teed- up , ballin so hard , gettin Td , came a long way from gettin feed up
Gettin free lunch , gettin free bud
I’d watch da block when Roddy pick dem keys up
All hail black Jesus
Dey did not clone trap Jesus

(Ea$A Pr0phyt)

Let us give praise
To the Afro Elohem
sh*t Halloween here everyday
That’s why they masked up with the Ks
That’s why i have to keep the faith, in Jesus Negro
Cuz they losing souls for fame jewels and hoes
Whoa you know I’m getting the most high
Till im eye to eye wit the most high
Till I and I live the most Jah
Bless my life im not stressing like
These other dudes i want the W and Double too
Thas the Double tree and the Westin

(Dre Thompson)

All hail Black Jesus
Got dese n*ggas looking squeamish
Set it off like Latifa
Boy I’m ballin, where da bleachers ?
Listen to me when I’m speaking
Steady grinding, why you sleepin’ ?
Only rockin wit my people’s
Need the money for the features
All praise to the Black Lord
Gucci free, he da trap Lord
n*ggas better run it back
This one here for my black boys
All of my stuck in the trap
Tryna get out but they can’t boys
Im smokin that loud it’s a pack boy
Workin till my pockets fat boy


All hail Black Jesus
These n*ggas hatin what’s the reason
These b*tches on di*k like it’s season
I’m changing the game like a season
What’s the reason they practicin treason
b*tch I’m dope you can call it blue magic
In this game b*tch I’m causing a havoc
You a lame in the cage with a savage
Bring that pus*y, I make it a habit
All this weed, damn I made it a habit
f*ck a broad and the fame you can have it
I got dreams of straight whipping a phantom
I get ghost like dat n*gga D Phantom
This is something you probably can’t handle
On this beat Imma make an example
When it rains b*tch I hope you can stand it


All hail black Jesus
They quote these words like Ephesians
Praise be to God, he the reason
That I might even give you redemption
Y’all was speakin foul on the yung God
Had me feelin somber, now I disregard
All these faulty idols with the fake disciples
Tryna snipe me while I’m goin for the title

You got broads in Atlanta?
Well sh*t mine get mine flown from wakanda
Bars be laced in vibranium
Core so strong-adamantium
Weapon X you just deadpool
Chimichangas for the whole crew
All I wanted was my damn dues
So show some respect when we come through