Lyrics for Weary Eyes by Wu-Syndicate :
{{Joe Mafia}}
I spark an L to a sunset meditatin
Ill thoughts got my heart racin, chest with a mason
Same blocks, ATF rush spots cats bubble humbly
I’m hungry, Killa Bee Trilogy triumphantly
Hammer head, dart allignment, work consignment
Keep your ears open for new assignments
Ride with the livest, frontline rhyme thats
Mastermind, blaze in the range, it’s unexplainable
Against The Grain, crown prince of the purple rain
No games dunn, runnin the same, bickin the lane
Ice drain shoot the rest of the pain, I’m reckless
Coressing the flame, addressing the strange
It’s Wu-Tang

Chorus: {Sampled Singer}
Close your weary eyes and drift away, It’s alright
Close your weary eyes and drift away, It’s alright

When I got the news, my heart dropped down to my di*k
Timin was f*cked up, right around the time we’d all be rich
New with tricks, we went through Wu-Syndicate, Wu ventelists
Cop a mansion on these other land where war’s parentless
Anyway, vision clear, Michaelangelo destined to blow
And a trio with Myalan’ and Joe
I’m at your grave site, midnight ritual, candlelight
Heard she set you up with spite, she cop the ninja your bike
I’m having flashbacks of Henney, jetskis blasting semi’s together
We possessed the chemistry, make history eventually
The thought of goin to penitentiary
Made his mom break down at the wake mentally
Right now its chilly and cloudy days
Now I’m chillin with Shaq in LA
I make sure D, make a sake in princeway
Yo its war states bein breeded through the streets of V.A
Close your eyes mom your legacy will never fade away
Drift away..


Eh yo son your Jack ringin, “What up? Who this?”
“Jakes just knocked your b*tch”, “Word, no sh*t”
Now my first thoughts is the feds had my phone tapped
Told her don’t talk in the Range with the bike rack
Jakes might be up on the whip
Oh she forgot to tuck the hero’n up under her tit
What if she asked about the ice that I put on her wrist?
I taught my chick Earth lessons, nah son she won’t snitch
Remember times I went to war and she brought extra clips
Jack sayin low cell, need to charge up the chip
Hit me back at the lab, gotta handle this quick

[Hook x0.5]

I roll with mob cats who bubble outlets
Legacy live 500 years like Vinnie’s nest
Evil scientist, now I manifest with golden flesh
Felony paragraphs, dead on polygraph, vision a bloodpath
Black guillotines, banded like King Luis the 16th
Before you blink, Napoleon, lock to your wife and tie her man
Executioner, poetic conspiracy of Lucifer
Beef come for real, there’s no tellin what I do to ya
Might wrap you in plastic, ship you off the Jupiter
Boys, I roll with Wu-Syndicate sharpshooters
Who smuggle coke in parachuters
Politic in silence like J Edgar Hoover
To leave to Switzerland, type maneuvers

Through the eyes of an everyday, street veteran
Chased for Presidents, throw up the hands, blood on my Timbs
Modern lights got your frame bent
Myalansky, fantasy, crash route, the certified member
Ask permission before you kill ’em, you’re nameless
UFO’s, domes, the strangest invasion
The project block locked by pavement
Nikki Barnes, Donna Her’on, courageous, the payment
Many attempts but couldn’t save ‘im
Blood got my shirt stainin, f*ck these pus*y-ass rap cats
Can’t hang with this sh*t, Wu-Syndicate, we livin this
f*ck the judge, the president, never show no love for my residence
My n*ggas deal embezzlement

{{Joe Mafia}}
D’s and IV’s, unlimited CC’s, roll up your long sleeves
We in it to win it, Wu-Syndicate snatch penants
Label rap menace, real cats feel it, f*ck with the merciless
Stash mills, the pack impact, we back slap cats to windmills
Fully loaded clips, crunch time, kings of VA
Bustin twin nines, we global pollyin
World renowned, thunder pound round
Shells bounce off the Wally moccasins
Chessboxin with a marksman, high states crossin
f*ck the law man, it’s arson, straight up arson
What? Flamin y’all n*ggas, f*ck that

[Hook to fade]