Lyrics for Fresh Water [Whoarei/Knxwledge Rework] by Whoarei :
[Hook: Mick Jenkins]
I don’t want it
I don’t want it fronted
‘cus i ain’t ever front it
n*gga 6’5″, you can see me clearly from the back
Off an edible I wish that you could feel me
Roll the medical to heal me
Sip the ginger flip the genesis I still see- the simile
Let me chop it with you for your energy

[Verse 1: Mick Jenkins]
I know you numb, but got the truth
Give it to you like I owe you some
And if you never caught a fade
Better know that I could throw you one
Show you right
Do it for the love
n*gga free is what I know you like
Writtens got my wrist twistin
Whippin sorta soda like
Never trickin women
I’m just workin with a prototype
Jasmine with the lemon kush
I teach you how to roll it right
Snappin polaroids like f*ck a photo like
I’m lovin life
I just show you love
All I want is love
All I show is love
I just want you
All I show is
I just want the love


[Verse 2: Mick Jenkins]
Tryna catch the vibe your aura sendin me
Are you enemy or is you into me
No signals yet
I’m tryna get connected like a centipede
Cause I see the facts let’s face it
And I’m seein all of these people
And I see that we back to the basics
So it’s back to the basement
I”m a take us back to the future
Sweat on my back
Puttin in work like mike lowery & martin luther
And mike tyson I might bite em
I know you hear it I know you felt
I’m in this water, you now I’m phelps
And it’s like that