Lyrics for Reprogram by Watkin Tudor Jones :
Totally Rad..
Back on the block. corner

You can’t even think of a single fresh idea of you’re own
Look around, see what’s hot, buy it
Regurgitate. (blearg!) cos all your stupid fans eat vomit
Joy rider, slip slide shiny on the outside
Siff on the inside
Now look at you, long time expired on the shelf
Why should i help you to lie to yourself?
When your enshrine mediocrity, think sloppily
Never do anything properly, copy me
You and your support group, retards incorporated
One big f*ckin’ happy family
“Simunye”? no thanks i’d rather stick out
Thats me on the album cover with my di*k out
Arms stretched, far fetched lost creature reacher
I’m the new talkshow host, f*ck felicia

I am sorry but we are going to have to reprogram you..

You’re gravy train is thick with blood and vomit
You’re babies have AIDS and empty stomachs
Stupid calling people “dark” like polish
You’re fingers too sticky bleeding wallets
Straighten your hair monkey
Talk thru your nose monkey
Yes baas, baie dankie follow around the shop monkey
In the mix, hurt guy got no school fees
Getting sick hunting kids for more muti
Rape in the school bathroom, rape at home
Rape in the cold classroom cold like stone
Dead like the cause you fought so hard for
You are you’re worst enemy losing the war
Argue over dumb sh*t, fight even dumber
Make everything they say true add to the drama
Trendy dread lazy bum all talk no action
Coconuts can’t get no satisfaction..

I am sorry but we are going to have to reprogram you..

Everyday you go to some kak f*cking job
You don’t hate life, you just hate sucking c*ck
But there’s constantly this big f*cking c*ck in your mouth 24/7 days a week
I understand sometimes it’s difficult to speak when you’re swallowing the leader
“say cheese please”
Smile and the world smiles with you
Stay soft, while my flame-throw flow melts your face off
Tunnel vision rhythm unable to fit in hidden discipline, precision
Decisons, decisions you failed son
Now the frail hail the pale one
Dominate a whole crowd with the frown crown
Slippily and bow down
When our sound pound
Our sound pound
Our sound pound
Kneel slave feel safe when our sound pound

I’m sorry but we are going to have to reprogram you..