Lyrics for FlockaSizzle Freestyle by Waka Flocka Flame :
[Produced by 808Mafia]

[Sizzle and Waka]
Part that pus*y baby tell no told
b*tch you know I’m ballin’ brick to go
That new Rolly it came off the stove
Bought a Chevy, set that b*tch on 4’s
Brand new rollie that b*tch 80k
Pull a hunnid out, you wanna play?
I could buy a b*tch, f*ck a date
I been killing sh*t, caution tape

[Waka Flocka Flame]
Don’t make me go gorilla with this baby K
I nicknamed it Bathing Ape
I just bought that new wraith
I heard Sizzle bought that I8
Smoking presidential, that’s Obama

I been thumbin through it killin’ commas
In em PJs, no pajamas
That lil g wagon baby mommas
Stackin’ M’s, you ain’t worth my todler
Pimpin’ strong, feelin’ like my father
Brought the beat like like I’m Mr. Carter
Sizzle poppin, such a sh*t starter
Boy you flexin’ hoe, my wrist water
I can’t trust you b*tch, I love my daughter
(?) midget, yeah the trailer’s shorter
She’s a molly eatin’, powder snorter
Still berkin we got plenty orders
Water thoose, you could not afford ’em
I been birthin’ n*ggas, might abort ’em

[Waka Flocka Flame]
I been workin’ n*ggas, might extort ’em
I been flexin’ on ’em, Randy Savage
Murk you then your lil son a bast*rd
I’m the reason why that red raggin’
That big pistol got my pants saggin’
Hyena killin’, shootin’ at you at you while they laughin’
Elm Street pyru, We could get it brackin’
Hunnid pounds of OG, bust it down to fractions
And your head the only thing that a n*gga crackin’
Ayo ain’t gon release you, this ain’t just rappin’
Bring ’em back to ’92, all my n*ggas stackin’
Racks on racks shawty, this ain’t Lil Chris
That’s 150K on one wrist