Lyrics for Slim Dog by Unknown :
It’s ya boy, Lil Leo, comin’ in from Indiana
We got a new single for ya’ll called “Slim Dog”

When ya goin’ and you see a slim dog, in dog
You may think that he needs a trim dog
The owner of the dog is a great man
Checkin’ his phone for all of his great fans
Makin’ sure he ain’t got a dog on a leash
Sendin’ his dog all the way down to [?]
I see the dog, it looks at me
What is the possibility?
I see the dog stand up
It tells me to put my hands up
I put my hands up and ask what he’s doin’
And he says to me, “I’m a villain”
Takes my cash [?] and leaves
I can’t belive, all I can think is “Yeesh!”
That was the time
I met a slim dog, SKRT SKRT!