Lyrics for Nas & AZ – 1997 Sprite Commercial by Unknown Artist :
[Nas]: Whaddup son?
[AZ]: Some firm biz baby
[Nas]: Don’t hate; obey it

[Nas]: Here’s a little story that must be told
[AZ]: About two players rocking all the ice and gold
[Nas]: They tried to slow us down, from layin’ the law
[AZ]: But we kept it real, just playin’ it raw
[Nas]: We put stuff on our ladies, spoke on our name
[AZ]: But wildcats never get caught the game
[Nas]: Playa hatas why?
[AZ]: Gaters made us fly
[Nas]: And we rock all the linen with the latest ties
[Nas & AZ:]
Firm comes first, obey your thirst
Nas and AZ, all day it hurts

[Nas]: Obey your thirst kid
[AZ]: Yeah, yeah, Sprite baby