Lyrics for The Dakontanator by Triple H :
Triple H is in the ring with a referee and carrying a belt

Triple H: John Cena was supposed to challenge me for this championship tonight but apparently he got lost on his way here.

JR: (At the announcer table with another announcer) That is a load of bull. We saw Triple H let the air out of John Cena’s tires. DAMN HIM!!!

Triple H: I guess if nobody’s man enough to challenge me, I’ll just take my championship belt and go home.

Just then, a music plays and everyone cheers as Dakota Fanning walks to the ring, angrily, with her theme intro

JR: IT’S HER! IT’S HER! Dakota Fanning is in the building and she looks p*ssed!

Announcer: And lets not forget the Dakota’s new movie (An advertisement of the movie appears while seeing Triple H scolding Dakota) “Wishmagic”: The Horse Who Wrote Poems” opens Friday at theaters across the country!

Dakota: (snatches the microphone from Triple H) I taught I was here to talk about Wishmagic…(whispers outside the mic) The horse who wrote poems…But apparently some son of a b*tch have to go run his mouth! (Then she starts attacking Triple H and start stomping his head to make him bleed)

JR: IT’S ON! It’s on now! Triple H is in a world of….

Dakota: (Toss Triple H on top of the ringpole and going to do her finisher) Here comes a good part! (Does a finisher and crashes Triple H onto the announcer’s table, breaking it in the process)

JR: THE DAKONATOR! THE DAKONATOR! This match is over if she can pin him in the ring!

(Just then, John Cena’s intro is played while John Cena rushes into the ring)

JR: It’s John Cena! He must want a piece of Triple H too.

(Instead, he saves Triple H and start attacking Dakota and after he locks Dakota into submission and hitting her, Triple H came back with a steel chair and start hitting Dakota’s face)

JR: OH NO! It’s a damn double-cross! John Cena and Triple H must have set up Dakota from the beginning! AWWW! DAMN THEM! DAMN THEM! (An advertisement about Wishmagic appears below the screen) “Wishmagic”: The Horse Who Wrote Poems” opens Friday! DAMN THEM TO HELL!