Lyrics for Oh, My Love by Thomas Dybdahl :
[Intro: Fay Wildhagen]
En ogsa to ogsa

[Verse 1: Fay Wildhagen]
Oh, my love, where are you heading now?
Oh, my friend, are you lost again?
Mmmmm, mmmmm
Take my hand, rest your words, I’ll understand
And come with me, I’ll hold you ’till you fall asleep

[Chorus 1: Fay Wildhagen]
‘Cause baby I’m not blind
I promise you it will all be fine
And don’t you run and hide
Won’t you rest by my side?

[Verse 2: Thomas Dybdahl]
Oh, my love, I really don’t deserve much
And all this time I’ve been running circles around you
Ahh, ooh, ahh, ooh
Show [?]
I never wanted you to see me this way
The things I’ve done, I’ll never be able to outrun

[Chorus 2: Thomas Dybdahl]
‘Cause baby I’m not blind
I can’t promise it will all be fine
But somewhere deep inside
I wanna do good, but I try and I try, try, try