Lyrics for Outro by ​The D.O.C. :
[Outro: The D.O.C.]
Helter Skelter
That’s it; “Return Of Da Living Dead”, “From Ruthless 2 Death Row”
I’m givin’ the “Secret Plan” to “My Doggz”
I know you got the “.45 Automatic”
But you f*ckin’ with the “Sonz O’ Light”
And them other real “b*tchez”, you know what I’m sayin’
If you play with the maggot in “Da Hereafter”
You end up in some sh*t like “Erotix sh*t” , you know what I’m sayin’
So get off that ol’ sh*t, come on in
“Welcome To The New World”
Dig deep in your self, get to real “Killa Instinc”
And roll with the “Brand New Formula”
f*ck up all these “Crazy b*tchez”
And that’s how the sh*t go, you know what I’m sayin’
I wanna give it up to my dogg Erotic D, D.O.C
We done brought you the sh*t
Now this year is just a little inside about what’s really goin’ on out there right?
But I want y’all motherf*ckers to listen up real close to this next thing we finna do beyond 2000
‘Cause we not gon’ just tell you what’s happenin’
We finna tell you what the f*ck you need to do