Lyrics for Jesus Children of America by Stevie Wonder :
[BeBe Winans:]
Hello Jesus
Jesus children
Jesus loves you
Jesus children
Hello children Jesus loves you of America
[Stevie Wonder:]
Are you hearing
What He’s saying?
Are you feeling
What you’re praying?
Are you hearing, praying, feeling
What you say inside?

You’d better tell your story fast
And if you lie it will come to pass

[Stevie Wonder:]
Tell me holy, holy roller
Are you standing like a soldier?
Are you standing for everything you talk about?
[BeBe Winans:]
Oh say now Jesus meditation
It speaks of inner preservation
Jesus told us meditation gives you peace of mind
Peace of mind


Tell the story, brother Marvin!
BeBe & Marvin, do you mind if I do this?
Stevie can I say this?

[Marvin L. Winans:]
Tell me junkie if you’re able
Are your playing cards on the table
Are you happy when you stick a needle in your veins?
[Stevie Wonder:]
Jesus died on the cross for you
Mary is just looking at you
Mother Mary feels so, so much pain


Can we do it again?