Lyrics for Booker N Stevie Memoirs by Smoke DZA :
Know what time it is
This is
Ringside 6
6 times around the sun
This is

Right, R6, keep it cookin’, they needy
We comin’ through, drugs like Booker and Stevie
Is everybody wrestling fans or they dyin’ to be me?
But I ain’t trippin’, sh*t, trippin’ is easy
Do your best Kushed God renditions
Bullseye, n*gga, it’s all precision
Like they Space Jam, my powers took on my wisdom
Tryna steal my notepad, take all my writtens
Well, I don’t even right sh*t, they all my children
Uh, gang drop heavy, you gotta keep a colonel parking
Sensational Cherie is necessary
Foot on neck, dedication case it’s gettin’ looney
Spin a roomie, the situation, it’s the five time, five time world champ
On the tag team scene, these n*ggas don’t stand a chance
Right, I got nothin’ to prove to you
But step in my lane and I’m comin’ for you, n*gga

[Skit: Booker T]
Put your hands up, Gino, if you out here talking about a clique
The only clique you need to know about is the Harlem Heat and [?]
See, because what you dealing with here is the Brotherhood
It’s non stop from this point on in WCW
We take what we want, and after we take down Luger in the [?]
We want the gold, sucker
Hulk Hogan, we coming for you, n*gga