Lyrics for I Did It by Shy Glizzy :
[Produced by Trauma Tone]

[Intro :]
Jefe ! Free 3 ! sh*t don’t stop , People do

[Hook : Shy Glizzy]
Just because you breathing that don’t mean you living
My Little bro said because you breathing that don’t mean you living
And there hasn’t been a lot of killing or no drug dealing
n*ggas been kicking it with snitches what the f*ck is this ?
Got all these all these strangers up in my business f*ck the fame, can’t let it change the way that i’m living
Shout out to my fans they stay down and i did it
Hell nah that ain’t my message i killed him

[Verse 1 :]
Little bruh got caught in the jam but he still living
He ain’t have to hit the gas but he still did it
f*ck the popos boy [this K got me a meal ticket]
Boy I just got me a mill ticket
All this pain im going insane I gotta deal with it
(hey) f*ck all my enemies and no that n*gga not my n*gga he’s a [frenemie]
I keep my gun on me, that 100 round you im goin spray
So Icey boy my diamonds cost a hundred k
I just left the store [and all i bought was baking soda]
Get 20 thousand for a show, imagine all that [coca]
And Boy my house so cold that bih so cold like Minnesota
f*ck all these n*ggas know they tryna f*ck me over


[Verse 2 :]
f*ck a dart case I just gave the lawyer 5K
Told him do whatever it take just make it fly away
You get da picture you took a screenshot turn it sideways
Streets hottest Youngin b*tch im hotter then your fire place
All my n*ggas they be thuggin out the trap house
You see i actually just be what you rap about
And I be ridin threw your hood with my Mac out
Yo b*tch be ridin we so good I blow her back out
All this damn stressin and im still finessing
Bah bah keep that smith n western
Glizzy Glizzy b*tch yea im a living legend
I still haven’t learned my lesson