Lyrics for Northside by Shotty Horroh :
Okay f*cking zombie bounty hunter
Got a couple thot b*tches on my di*k, they want my number
I told her my number’s six six six, better call me up
Come smoke a little weed with the demon
Lets drink this liquor up, I give no f*cks!
I jump up, til a big ole blunt smoke fills my lungs, I feel so free
Every one with me is a monster, Everday feels like Halloween
Pull up in a hearst with a coffin in the back
If they really want to lie, they can go to sleep
Eenie meanie miney mo
Lord make my enemy rest in peace
Lord make my enemy rest in peace
Please make my adversaries drown in p*ss
I’m too busy for the f*ckery but my cousin’s strapped
And he’s down with the sh*ts
I’m a catch a contact high in my kitchen
While im whipping miris
I spent too much time on the [?]
There’s no way I’m going out like this, okay

Northside Northside Northside Northside
Raised for the rain on the pavement
I’m so paranoid cause of this loud
I’m thinking everyone must me an agent

Bill up a zoot, let me bill smoke to the roof
Let me set fire to the booth
I’m a bout to walk into a record label with a weapon
Telling them to sign me or I’m reallly about to shoot

Northside, on the table(x4)

They should get the f*ck up out my way
I’ve got no patience, i just had a f*cked up day
I put the purple liquid in my lemonade
I feel the walls are closing in, i must escape

Northside, Northside Northside, Northside
Northside, Northside, Northside yeah (x4)

Rap my fingers, around the rizla fill it with the ganja
Put my phone on silent, if they call me i don’t answer
I’ve been up all night, my eyes are blacker than a panda
I’m too busy mixing this codeine up with this Fanta
I just made some dough and gave it to my mum so f*ck a hater
I’m a give my enemy a tombstone like the Undertaker
Tryna change my ways but I’ll forever be a troublemaker maker
Smoking on some clean but my lean got that muddy flavor

Northside Northside Northside, grew up in a place were really its war times, uh
But make sure that you talk right or someone might f*ck up your jaw side, aye
Northside Northside Northside, yes fam Northside beat the pus*y all night, uh
Out here living this long life, I’m just tryna be the best of all time, aye

Northside, on the table (x6)