Lyrics for Who Done It by Sauce Walka :
Classic gangster sh*t goin’ on man, legendary sauce sh*t goin’ on
This was always one of my favorites, know what I’m sayin’?
n*gga really about all this sh*t we be talkin’ about man
You feel me?

Catch a n*gga by his foot or go and follow his mama
If a n*gga play me sweet you know I’m bringin’ that drama
Know I’m shootin’ them llamas, know I’m screamin’ them hammers
Know I’m flammin’ them flammers, know I’m shootin’ them jammers
Know I’m bringin’ them super soakers, I’m wettin’ his ass
His brother tried to come and save him, I left him in the grass
Shoot a n*gga arm off, what the f*ck is a cast?
Shoot a n*gga through the window, what the f*ck is a glass?
If I really want his body I’ma sleep in the grass
If I get my hands dirty I’ma wash ’em in gas
Get that gunpowder off me, roll a wood up, and laugh
’cause I’m really ’bout that murder, I’ll smoke your ass
Pay a b*tch to wrap you with a cord and choke your ass n*gga
Yeah I could get on some evil sh*t
Rip out your heart like a demon sh*t
Send body parts to your people sh*t
Yeah I send your hands to your mama
I send your legs to your daddy
I send your eyes to your granny
I send your foot to your daughter
f*ck it, the label some horror
f*ck it, the label some saw
Granny playin’ guitar, ’cause you ain’t never ever comin’ back no more
I got guns when it comes to the store
I got guns that you n*ggas can’t order
I got guns that you never can borrow
I got guns that can still shoot good underwater
I got guns that can shoot through brick walls, I got guns that got night vision
I got guns that shoot hand grenades, I got handguns that hold fifty
I got guns with long barrels on ’em, look so ugly, shoot so pretty
I got guns in my b*tch titties, moral is don’t f*ck with me
If it’s an issue we see him ’bout it, if it’s an issue we be about it
It ain’t a question if we about it, it ain’t a question if we about it
Master P, yeah I’m ’bout it ’bout it
’bout it ’bout it, ’bout it ’bout it, ’bout it
Ran up him with a shotty, ran up on him with a shotgun
Make him jump like a pop gun, let both kids play with pop guns
Like a needle I’ma pop somethin’, like a football I’ma drop somethin’

Who done it? who done it?
Who done it? who done it? n*gga
The kid done did, one and done n*gga
Sorry for the Sauce 3
Who done it? who done it? me