Lyrics for Joan of Arc by Ryan Leslie :
God bless each hater for wishing that I would see defeat
God bless each fan raising hands at the meet & greet
God bless Versace who got me under this gold chain
So plain when you watch me you see my soul’s pain
Still I rise – I carry the torch
See that fever in my eyes – I’m ready to scorch
And in this moment, I hope and I pray
When I step on stage that God bless every note that I play

I wake up to detec’ messages in my email
This what I get for messin’ wit pretty females
It’s a crazy life – yeah it’s a mad world
Where good dudes will betray you over a bad girl

And bad girls’ll take advantage of good dudes
Smear your name in the press and call it good news
Oh he hot now – oh he blowin’ up?
Call the cops – restraining order for showin’ up

If I was you, I’d be seeing if I was ok
We had a problem you didn’t call me the whole day
Your girlfriend picked up the phone and hung up on me
Who is she to do that – she don’t even know me

F- the “he say she say”
The ‘blame game’ – blasting Kanye on the freeway
I called my mother up for advice she said son, you should hold your heart
Girls play the victim so well: ‘Joan of Arc’

I took a chance on romance
I loved you
And now that it burns, still I yearn
To touch you
And the question is
Who gon’ love you like I love you, baby
Who gon’ love you like I love you, now?
Who gon’ love you like I love you, baby, baby

Listen, I know you must be mad – look how you lost it
You should work it out wit me tho, I’m the one who caused it
I should’ve cleaned the skeletons from my closet
Drivin’ to my apocalypse with 400 horses

Drop dead gorgeous – unfair advantage
You deserve an Emmy award for all your antics
Caught up in a battle of curse word semantics
Tryna find our way back home from Atlantis

You had your father call me – zero empathy
Reading about your new first date like it’s meant for me
Tryna stay focused on winnin’ – yeah, hold my course
Meanwhile you infiltrated my heart – a trojan horse

They say in love and war – all’s fair
But when you break up and go out – yeah, they all stare
Obfuscating the real reason we’ve grown apart
You played the victim so well, ‘Joan of Arc’


Tryna figure out what the past meant
And since when a birthday gift is harassment
A rose gold bracelet nothing subliminal
You called your lawyer up said my actions were criminal

And now as I’m sittin with a pad in this motherf*ckin holding cell
I’m thinking how could you do this to me? you cold as hell
A young emperor exiled: Bonaparte
Everything I fought for, lost – ‘Joan of Arc’