Lyrics for I’ma Korean by Rucka Rucka Ali :
Ring, ring, ring, ring, ring, ring, banana phone
Ring, ring, ring, ring, ring, ring, banana phone
[(I’ma Korean) repeated]
Oh hello
My name is DJ Not Nice
You might remember me
From my last record
Ching Chang Chong
You made me very rich
Now I roll in American money

[Verse 1]
I’ma Korean and I’d like my Chinese food cooked right
‘Cause they’re not givin’ me the good rice
And the Dyke givin’ me my food looks like a lesbian
I don’t like how my beef pork look like
And the last time I eat your food I
Got the rice chicken beef tofu

Now I poop while I’m peein’ (Hehe)
And you might not believe I could fight
I’m a white belt but I have two stripes
I don’t like all you little blue eyed dumb white Europeans (Hehe)
I would like to just drink my Bud Light
Maybe bomb a couple things in Hawaii
And blow up the countries I don’t like ’cause I’m a Korean

I’m not that nice (Uh uh)
I build a bomb (Yeah)
Then pick a country (You)
And blow it up
I work for NASA (Cool)
We look at stars (Wow)
You know Apollo
That movie is good

[Verse 2]
I talk like Ching Chang Chong
Why do you drop on me so much Napalm?
I been trained to kill with my Tai Kwon Do
And my whole continent is a dry cleanin’ store (Bonzai)
I like to play Magic cards
You heard of China, I was in charge
Of Chinatown in Vietnam
I’m still around (You can come through to play)
When I play poker I just throw all my chips in
Hello, I’m yellow just like Homer Simpson
I smoke coke, it’s fun, you think I’m jokin’ man
I made a lot of money from Pokemon

I’m a Korean (Hehe)
I think Michael Jackson’s a good guy
I don’t mind if he sleeps with young guys
‘Cause in my country we can touch
Young guys on their p*nis (Hehe)
And my wife is 13 and cooks my
Macaroni N’ Cheese so good I
Got her out on the street
For a good good price (10 years ago)

I’m not gonna lie (Uh uh)
I like it rough (Uh uh)
Hillary Clinton let’s get it on (Woo)
I have a missile (Uh uh)
It’s very small (So small)
It’s in my pants (Hehe)
I can’t get it up (Aww)
I bomb New York (Oops)
Better luck (Next time)
You heard of London? (Uh uh)
Not anymore (Aww)
I bomb Iran (Yeah)
Oops that’s Japan (Not again)
I made a goof
(Now I gotta start again)

[Verse 3]
I roll the world up in a ball like Katamari
If I bomb your crib, yep sorry, I’m a ninja warrior
I went to Harvard, I bomb Pearl Harbor
I want the whole world to know that I’m powerful
(I am small p*nis)
Everyone to the floor, we all gonna die
Put your head between your legs and say Konichiwa
Death to all, f*ck the world ’cause I like 2Pac
Now the world must stop ’cause of my small c*ck
One day you’ll say why is everyone dead?
Why didn’t we just do what Kim Jong Il said?
Now we all are slaves, monkeys run this place
It’s planet of the apes (Oh okay)

I’m a Korean (Hehe)
And I’m not gonna beef with Suge Knight
Because I think that if he heard my
My 2Pac Parody he’d find me and tell me I’m stealin’ (Hehe)
(Hurry up, take a picture of me danglin’ from the balcony)
And I’d like my Chinese food cooked right
I don’t like Japanese or the Thai
I would like to see the whole world die
‘Cause I’m a Korean (Hehe)