Lyrics for Wormhole by Roc Marciano :
Muggs, what up, my n*gga?
Uh, yeah, uh

[Verse 1]
Uh, in all my gold, coke cooked on the stove
Only talk in codes, we don’t talk on them phones
I smell like Don Polo sport cologne
The Testarossa I drove’s testosterone
Stay in your childish zone, this ain’t romper room
My Benz be riding smooth, the jewels look custom
I need more closet room, Allah diamonds, I got islamic roots
I still grind for the loot with the prostitutes
Catch me Tom Browned down, we ain’t on common ground
Used to boost Tommy Hil’ out to Abraham and Strauss
Ow, MAK90 out the Giblee
Or we can mix it up, I might come jig you in your kidney
It’s been doc*mented, I will pop a n*gga
I feel like Big Poppa, I let the chopper lift ya
Glock with the condenser, b*tch, I got potential
Rolex presidential, pimp tools
Fendi living rooms, views of swimming pools
I’m a business dude, get it clicking, fool
I did it, I am living proof, uh
Check it, check it, check it, check it out
Keep your heavy necklace in the house, ow

Marc, n*gga, uh
Run down on your ass, n*gga
Hundred block, boy

[Verse 2]
Uh, platinum Rollie light grey, I feel like Dice Clay
The difference between us, I say it’s night and day
The pain don’t get wiped away
I was cooking white in the microwave, you banging on cyberspace
That sh*t you claiming, it ain’t resonate
The way you lay, make sure the bed get made
Don’t ever think you can’t get wet up for extra change
3 extra chains, it gave me neck pains
Might let your brains hang like Jesse James
And I jet in the range, I’m too set in my ways
No second grade sex slaves, let’s set the stage
Come catch this fade, or you can pay with 10k
Audemars Piguet, y’all n*ggas gay, it ain’t even vague
It ain’t up for debate, you won’t bust a grape
Great, wrap the 38 with duct tape, abduct your mate
f*ck your face, nothing you love is safe, I just dug in your safe
Your tap ain’t straight, you go back to the days of bagging base
To being placed in a body bag over a bad day
You dead, I guess it’s better, that way
You dead, I guess it’s better, that way, motherf*cker

Ah, Marc, n*gga, yeah