Lyrics for Tired of Yelling by Ricky Hil :
Yeah, yeah, yeah

What a day it is today
I said it makes me wanna run away
You don’t want to love me like you used to
And I can’t be the sh*t that I’m used to
If I know me then I know I can’t lose you
This is pain, this sh*t will run through you
Lady, let me know I’m trying too hard
I f*cking need you
I’m falling too hard
Start to count all the beats in my heart
Aww sh*t, I’mma jump up out of this car
Where’s the moon if you’re all f*cking stars?
I ain’t sh*t
I’m falling apart
So what the f*ck does that make me?
A f*cking loser. You would use her
Not me. I would never abuse her
I just want to sing my sad songs to her

I’m sick of saying that I don’t know
Turns out that I don’t know sh*t
I’m sick of yelling at her
I just want to die and go to heaven with her. (x2)

I promise that you ain’t a bad person
But there’s something that’s inside of him that irks him
And he can’t explain what the f*ck hurt him
But his past lurks him and it works him
Black crown Vic riding through the city lights
That lifestyle is what the f*ck I really like
And I don’t want to kill you out of spite
It’s what I don’t do and what I might
So I’ll do anything to make you f*cking smile, babe
Even though, I know it’s going to take a while, babe
We’re just sitting here
But you know that we got to go a few more miles, babe
And I could be mean to you
But f*ck that, that ain’t my style, babe
So won’t you try to hold my hand
Work through this sh*t
Try to make a plan

[Hook x2]

We the best, mama
We the f*cking best
We the best mama
I swear to God, we the f*cking best
I know we perfect
But we ain’t perfect
And the end of all the bullsh*t, it’s worth it

[Hook x 3]