Lyrics for They Don’t Love You No More (Follow Your Instinct Freestyle) by Rick Ross :
They Don’t Love You No More (Freestyle)

[Verse: Addis aka Raptile]

Knight Rida flow, cold, shoot ’em up bang, bang
Rise like a phoenix, it’s da remix, for my fam, fans
Boom, shake the room, hit’em hard, rubble-bamm-bamm
Kid’s (KITT’s), legendary, like that Pontiac Trans Am

No, they don’t love you no more
Wanna run the show, but never learned to crawl
Wanna ball out, but never got no doe
Can’t speed in these muscle machines, they hustle too slow

(Ohh) stomp’em out, stomp ’em out
It’s hard not to fail, if leeches suck you out
Suckin’ you dry, luckily I, undastand, you
Cut the supply, they leave at the drop of a dime

Now they make you feel guilty
Runnin’ lips slick, sayin’ that you never will be
Any bigger, cuz they the reason, you eatin’, chillin’, on a million
Or whatever you accomplished, it’s ironic, i’m

Just bein’ honest, just bein’ honest
Hate when they tryin’ to count ya money like an audit
Smile in your face, but their eyes on your wallet
Call it what you call it, you about to get slaughtered…