Lyrics for Real Luv by RichyR.I.C.H. :
[Verse 1: RichyR.I.C.H.]

When push came to shove,
On the 96 came the dove,
Marched to action on the 28th to pull out the love,
Supreme kid with the tower, educations hysteria,
Teachers smoke and pace cuz of the NKI disaster,
2 Congolese, 1 virgin, To release bless,
Fertislized in the center, in a place called middlesex,
Kid spelt backwards describes you best,
I be writing RICH on your girls f*cking chest,
I turn gigg-idy like glen, while holding my big ben,
Deliver BBC to girls hens and their friends,
Drugs through the vest, straight to the chest,
My old girl was the treasure so it’s time to find my x,
My bounty, found in the endless sea,not deep but steep
I hardly even see this befoolery
Can’t test my n.u.t
Nox Odyssey, ghetto poetry
On a reals no ill misongys
Lemme be the lemming to dig for this rich queen
Screwing those in reeses pieces, brains in pieces
Sucked by leeches
Clones multiplied in factories
Shadows follows those soaked in Envy, G-O-L-D
AU 79, while i rhyme
They catch a justu, perform justus
Your crushed like grape, Factory heads make fake
Counterfeits scitz’, see their limits
Bars ballistic, it’s RI. CHY. RICH
Produced by Rufio, mixed by Beatz

[Verse 2: RichyR.I.C.H.]

Real love from my G-O-D, I’m thee black concrete
The Chewing gum stuck on me is called fam-ily
Refrain the words and listen, To my perks from repitition
My declarations for independence, i see visions
Similar to Josephs dreams, My plans like beams
Draw so much ish, Myself and shakes got the same wrist
Carousing with my connies
Flipping a coin, chewing on a tooth pick while cluckling at the chicks
Macking hard like the Hobbit, TRex arms and pus*y pockets
Refer to GZA’s f*cking statement
Explain why you got red eyes, Ermm Its jelof-rice
You man are di*kens, Charles X flow my men be kicking
The Holy way, Give the major X to fornication
Kiss thornes with captions, Pawns and jesters in Delusion
Man-i-fest On my con-ception
Confess your burden then we beef, you bleed?
Get your rass impeached
Mix spit n sweat set the suspense
N its skill for climax that be tense
Lord and Saviour, comics books which I savour
Skyscrapers, Rich In Character H-H-Haytahs
7 deadly sins, G’forbid they win by trappin
Ain’t the darkside that’s vibin, F the hyphen
Not a rapper, Poet with ill rhythm
Infinite wisdom, leak mad izm
Likewise, my souls a solider, Casanova
I move drunk never licked off, and always sober
Never flat and under
Like a coaster, My brains a boulder
Girls with sticky backs considered posters
Lighties don’t like me
Like f*ck personality, its all faces
Figure, no aces, f*ck this matrix
A fern I search for, With china claws
The one that wears your draws, crawls all over your floor
From the Black Lagoon, Form a cacoon
My platoon zooms in rooms with screws saying F you
Eyelids low, I clear my throat
Avoid the death zone, Spray Rich quotes
Rocking Dinosaur coats, ah
Let the lyrics elop
Family Matters
From the hip I grab the cutlass
These ninjas, must be brothers
She wanted Richmond, I gave her Richmond
Blackstar on her ocean, She Felt the cruise, many seamen
Give her Rich D, Serve custard Creme
I suggest, evaluate, Digest my Jaffa lakes
Come out the bu–, Ain’t a race
Don’t worry gyal
Take time, take time, take time, I’ll jack you late
Trynna make a pound with 20p’s, hasty greed
Glide like leaf, lays down like leaves
Stan, man up steve
Grieve to drop ball-s, Unusual suspects
I must bet, Hasn’t a girl loved me yet
The way I rhyme is jumbled up
Sitting at the back of the buss
Waiting for her to clean it up
f*ck up the scene like Xiaolin Showdown
Or Kratos, Buss on Maysbach, It will p*ss off mr ross
Auquinas Steelo
R’quest adventures so live yo
Action packed lyrics from the hollow stylo
Punchlines too bait to see
Feel to kick instead and leave the fishes in the dead sea
Let me tell u who I be
R-i-C-H, M-O-N-D
Shove to push,This beat so siddidy
Shush, listen to Richy
Because, When Omega comes
Truss I’m embedded with Real Love