Lyrics for Before the Night is Over by Rapper Big Pooh :
Uh yeah, new Tigallo, new Tigallo, new Tigallo
That’s my new sh*t I’mma start saying
That’s my new drop I’m putting on everything – new Tigallo, new Tigallo, new Tigallo
Y’knahmsayin? You come to my page n*gga – new Tigallo, new Tigallo, new Tigallo
You call me on my voicemail n*gga – new Tigallo, new Tigallo, new Tigallo
That sh*t everywhere, y’knahmsayin? Huh, yo

Zeen-zeemer, your boy got a heater with J. Biz the big drum beater
Phontigga the loud international crowd unseater
Crushing all you weak rap n*ggas like Undeas
They ask me what it sound like, it sound like freedom
It sound like a n*gga who don’t sound NC-er
Say he a deep thinker
Cause yes ‘Te keep essays/eses on his brain like the mind of Mencia
In other words n*ggas, I got this
Student of the game and I studied the process
See I’m in my lane and I charted they progress
But f*ck the details, I can’t be frail
I ain’t female, I don’t obsess
I just shove and prove to n*ggas who object
Or want to contest, n*gga you will end up a conquest
Flawless prose to help y’all put it in context, let’s ride!

[Hook: Phonte]
I’mma think I’m gonna stop before the night is over
I got no reason to be here
Just move along people, it ain’t nothing to see here (keep it moving, uh)
I’mma think I’m gonna stop before the night is over
Time for me to bring it back
Wheels burning, U-turning, what you think of that?

Yo, well she’s alone in the room at like four in the morning
Back aching cause the stress of the day was enormous
Sick of doing housework and day-to-day chores
But now the baby’s asleep and girl, your body is calling
No time for the yawning, don’t look so surprised
Get that sleep out your eyes girl, it’s time for performance
Jumped under the covers with my best cologne
And when I’m putting it on you say it feel like an ointment
You hear what I’m telling you, make a n*gga clean out his schedule
f*ck it girl, I’ll make an appointment
Cause me and you been known to do exceptional things
Go long, go strong, don’t expect me to change
He a real live soldier with an incredibly range
On our way to Brazil rocking the sketches of Spain
Passing just laughing, like what the heck is they saying?
That’s the sound of the ecstasy and
We let it rock like this, sing it!

[Hook 2X: Phonte]

[Rapper Big Pooh]
Yo, late night drinking, 2AM swerving
Tryna make it home, I’m running over curbs and
Blue lights flashing, me pulling over
They rolled right past, yeah I need to get sober
Back on course of course, I hear your voice baby
I’m just tryna get to you, now I’m driving crazy
Lately I’ve been thinking of things
Let me take you to the movies, I can sing it like Bangs
I ain’t talking bout acting, change or reality
Following the blueprint is just a formality
Don’t be a casualty girl, I really like ya
Home for the holidays is where I might invite ya
Push up your lighters, pulling all nighters
Arrive at the finish line looking like fighters
Exhausted, but you’re ready once again
I take a sip of Gatorade, then I jump back in, let’s work!

[Hook: Phonte]

One two now, one two yeah (yeah, yeah)
One two uh, and you don’t stop (yeah, yeah)
One two yeah, one two uh
Rock on now, you don’t stop
Rock on now, J. Biz now
Phonte now, you don’t stop
One two yeah, one two uh
One two uh, you don’t stop
Like this rock, say this rock…