Lyrics for Try Not To Get Your Feet Wet by Ramirez :
“What I have now to tell is of my own actual knowledge – of my own positive and personal experience”

Rolling up my dope and I’m keeping it low key
Seaming through the seven seas sipping on the OP
Can’t nobody hold me or fold me or mold me
I might be young but I was raised by OG’s
Don’t talk sh*t if you really don’t know me
Cause imma have to come quick and imma have to show you
I need a bad b*tch by the name of Ling-Ling
She took it bust open breakin all of that ching-ching
Welcome to the thirty-six chambers (chambers)
Katana on my hip whip it out like a lightsaber
Using all my force not giving a motherf*ck
If you really wanna throw blows we can get buck
Go sh*t
Return of the sixth
Packin’ my woe while I smoke me a spliff
Sailor moon shawty is all on my di*k but I don’t give a f*ck
Cause I don’t love that b*tch, aye