Lyrics for Non Existent by Q-Tip :
[Verse 1]
Isn’t it ironic how currency controls your status when you rich you got more self esteem and laugh at underprivileged getting money comes more efficient when life is living and children are non existent not in pictures they laugh at n*ggas on the street wishing they got a quarter while you smoking a quarter of finest chronic in Compton not loitering streets with burners working world turning curses cause my cursing is making lurking n*ggas thirstier like they stomach bursting such a burden money nonexistent

[Verse 2]
Isn’t it ironic how currency control your b*tches and with em comes problems which is unable to solve in prey for redemption of the faithful i’m waiting for great sh*t to come and face me red eyy detour need more paper grow claws sharpened it reach her and freestyle in a car Honda civic low living lives nonexistent