Lyrics for HOUDINI by Pi’erre Bourne :
[Intro: Travis Scott & Playboi Carti]
Oooh-ooh-ooh (The f*ck they on?)
Bee! What? What?
Oooh-ooh-ooh (Huh? yeah)
Ooooh-ooh-ooh (Huh? yeah, check it out, Slatt)
Oooh-ooh-ooh (Yeah, what?)
What? What? What? What?
What? What? What? What?
What? What? What? What?

[Verse 1: Travis Scott]
Move at me, you move with caution (Yeah)
512, she ball from Austin (It’s lit)
Watchin’ Family Guy, no way to pause it (Alright)
Heard the voicemail and she damn near lost it
Hear the silence, hear the water from the faucet (Straight up)
One, two, three, we lasted longer than an auction (Yeah, yeah)
Thought I sold it, but it ain’t no way she bought it (Yeah)
Time to fill up the ‘Wood with narcotics (It’s lit)
Yeah, I’m up in the trees if you need me (In the trees)
Yeah, back up and the gang go for a three-peat (Alright)
Yeah, back up off the gang, man we need three feet (Three)
While I mix up the magic, Houdini (Yeah)

[Verse 2: Playboi Carti]
I’m in the 9, I’m in the 9
I’m in the 9, I’m in the 9
Yeah, reppin’ the 9, yeah, yeah, I’m in my prime
Ayy, yeah, we in the grind, breakin’ it down
I just left Houston
Ooh, yeah, meet me at Travis’ spot
Ooh, we at the Batcave, yeah, we at the pit stop, yeah
I got these dreadlocks, yeah, I’m in the big block, yeah
I’m in that rich spot, yeah, you in the fed spot, ooh
I feel like the only one, they callin’ me deadstock, ayy
These n*ggas be holdin’ their tongue, they don’t be sayin’ a lot
I’m in a bloody spot, uh I’m in a bloody spot, what
I’m in a dirty spot, huh, I’m in a bloody spot, uh
I’m in the trap, I’m in the back, I’m in the birdy spot
Got the dirty thot, she come with a dirty spot
That come with a dirty pot, I need the dirty with pop, yeah
I need a bitty with pop, all of my b*tches gon’ pop, yeah