Lyrics for Before It’s Over Pt. 2 by Phora :
[Verse 1]
Visions of me and my peeps at the top
Nothing came easy, we needed a plot
And they said they’d doubt we’d ever make it
But thats the very same reason we fought
So close to giving up on life, I wanted to quit
Like why keep going if they don’t know you exist?
But the fans helped me down like no other
So I hope that you get everything that you ever dreamed of
Cause I know it’s a b*tch
Yeah, this thing we call life
But y’all are helping me make it through
All I dream of is my music doing the same for you
But tell me, wheres God when you need him?
Why does it only feel like the Devil is present
When my mind is tempted by my demons
sh*t, I guess this is all a part of his plan
But it’s hard to keep my faith when everyone says that you hardly a man
Even though you taking care of your fam
Even though you put all your dreams on the line
And gave them all that you can
I give my life for them, would they do the same for me?
It got me thinkin if the sh*t they said was make believe
Cause it just seems like all they ever do is take and leave
And leave me in the dust, without a place to be
People lookin’ in from the outside, they don’t know what you feelin’
My worlds caving in, I’m suffocating, crushed by the ceiling, the walls are closing in
And 4 years back, if you asked anyone about Marco they just say I lost hope in him
Well i ain’t even have hope in myself
And they keep saying they feel me, but they don’t know how I felt
When I was on the ground dying, screaming just for someone to help
But no one came, I had to comfort myself
Going through a pain, I just couldn’t take
I might much rather die, it gets to me everytime
I ain’t even tell my mother goodbye
These n*ggas try to kill me, like really these n*ggas tried
So it must mean that there’s a reason I’m breathing and still alive
And I dont want revenge
I want the n*ggas to see me thrive and live my dreams and watch me change the world
And one day realize that they can do it too
They just need someone to open their eyes
Cause I ain’t got no hate In my heart for not one of these guys
Cause all these cats wanna be gangsta, and I just wanna be me
Just wanna be free from the world and sh*t thats all on tv
Seems like I’m dodging all my incoming calls, ain’t replying to texts
Man Im just tryna get away from it all
And Moms deserves a new house, but I just can’t afford it
Feel like I got the perfect song but I just can’t record it
If this was my last song, how long would it last?
See, I know I’ve f*cked up but now thats all in the past
Cause everything could be gone in a flash
So watch me pave the way and have a team of leaders follow my path
And I bet my teachers couldn’t name a day they saw me in class
f*ck around, and have me speak to your students, watch all of them pass
You ain’t succeed till you fall on your ass
Cause sh*t, we fell way too many times to count, now all of us laugh
But they say men cry too
Every teardrop from my eye, I ask myself
What have you done good for besides you?
I’m still a kid so I still make mistakes
I just wanna live, before the good times fade away now
Before the good times fade away now

[Verse 2]
And where is everyone I used call my friend?
I’ve been so lost inside myself, I guess I lost my touch within’
I mean, I don’t blame them, I got too much on my mind
Trust issues from the past, but I wish I could press rewind
And take it all back
f*ck rap, f*ck the media, f*ck the news, the internet, and all these f*ckin’ lies they feeding ya’
f*ck apologies, cause everything I did, it happened for a purpose
And f*ck em if they ever said you worthless
So, f*ck my anxiety, f*ck my depression
I just can’t figure out the reason why the f*ck I’ve been stressin’
And f*ck trying to love someone who just dont seem to love you back
Cause we all deserve someone to be there when we feel trapped
Or lost and confused, we all got something to prove
But I just can’t stand the thought of losing someone like you
f*ck stressing on the people that put you down for no reason
f*ck the ones who said they didn’t believe in everything that you said you would do
And now that its done, they start to come running
f*ck drinking to the point that you feel nothing
f*ck the rumors, f*ck the gossip, dog, f*ck they assumptions
f*ck the ones that said they had your back when they knew they was frontin
And f*ck every doubt that they had against you
They was clowin on you, you thought they was clowin with you
But it’s all good
sh*t, I guess it’s all a part of his plan
Cause everything they said I’d never be, is all that I am
Yours Truly

Dear lord, please bless us with the strength to make it through these hard times and when we can’t find our way, please let your light be our guidance, and if anyone shall be looking down on another person may, they only be our loved ones looking down on us from the heavens and may you bless us with the courage to be ourselves rather then fool ourselves the start of a new legacy, in Jesus name I pray, Amen