Lyrics for It Ain’t Fair by Petey Pablo :
It ain’t fair at all
To the children we brought into this world
That see us argue, and go back and forth
It ain’t fair at all

[Verse 1: Petey Pablo]
Only fourteen years old, body fully developed
Lived at home with two parents, but do more than her Daddy
Her Momma yelled at her, and appeared to stay mad at her
The truth has it, that wadn’t what that was
I hate to say it, her Momma was really jealous
And intimidated, by everything
That she had made at this beautiful baby
f*cks me up till today
Cause it’s crazy, what you wanted to be in life
Is what you created
Just think in the tenth grade, in visioning graduation
Moving her family out of the place where they stayed
To this pretty place, probably where the rich folks be
With the softest green grass ever felt by feet
But her dream, it would be shattered
Like a falling vase
Coming home to a note, left for her on the kitchen table
How much could you explain on one sheet of paper
Of what she wrote down wadn’t even half a page


[Verse 2: Petey Pablo]
You know he could of been whatever he wanted
If his folks had of got behind him
Pushed him out a little bit further
See sometimes the smallest things be enough
To give us what we need to exceed
And cross some hills and a hump
But when you grow up in a home always reminding him of em’
The man they say gave responsibility up
How much at thirteen, you think, that you’re life would be worth
And folks you growed up trusting was who was saying it to you
????, everyday when he leave school
Cause on his way home there’s somebody that he talks to
Feels close to him, and pretty soon
He gonna drop out of school
And assume the life, that feels right to him

[Hook] 2x