Lyrics for Ambitious by Peter Cottontale :
[Verse 1: Sulaiman]
What don’t kill me only make me stronger
Struggling and striving, got simultaneous timing
They saying, they’re saying that life’s a b*tch, but I’m trying to break the hymen
High as heaven, but reverend, why ain’t heaven high as I am?
Saving this elevation, but I ain’t into the climbing
I levitate with the climate, had to hide the persona
Feeling like marijuana, take half the breath that I conjur and wisdom the other product
Still if something about it, then let me know that I got it
The flow of a life aquatic so…

[Hook: Lili K.]
Excuse me Mister So-and-so, get up out my way
I have dreams to make reality, I have no time to play
The cost of living is so high, I now take off my gloves
Cause there’s talent in my fingertips, so won’t you show some love?

[Bridge: Sulaiman]
Excuse me everybody, but I hope you’re not offended
I’m just trying to make some money off this musical ambition
Plus I need some paper, because of how high the rent is
So move to this music that I know you all are feeling

[Verse 2: Lili K.]
Playgrounds filled with gifted minds, our dreams go down the slides
Pushed off the swing by Mister Man, fitted in suit and tie
Corporate boss, creative loss, music down the drain
These 9 to 5’s are killing me, why do you put them in my way?
The high cost of life costs more than just that cash
You gave me a life sentence I’m struggling to outlast
With bus fare and health care, what am I to do?
In this battle of reality afraid to make my dreams come true



[Verse 3: Chance The Rapper]
Don’t give in, nah, don’t give up
Don’t get involved, just give us all
Lil’ rhythm rock, a lil’ pistol talk
Trap rap make sh*t to fall in love with
My pockets thin, my socks I rock for 9 maybe 10 days straight
Amazing gracing y’all, in grace my shoes
Too deep look big on Paul Bunyon’s feet
Jump jump, lil’ fam lil’ mayor
You’re putting hot lunch in my hand god damn
I never thought you’d sing all them words I was saying
Used to couldn’t read my handwriting from a pen
Used to get ta, getting used to usted
Used to boost Boost Mobile phones with my friends
Now I’m so boost I could boost up your ends
Just back your caboose and put your boots in the air