Lyrics for Not Like You by Ouija :
[Verse 1: Ouija Macc]
Back at it again some of the psycho-schematic
Mixed with the attic insane
Like back ripping and flag shipping the game
Giving a fucc about the fame
We’ve got it inside of our veins right
Keep flexing but one question remains
How in the fucc are you gonna survive
When the a bullet inside of ya brain huh
We ain’t killing you we have you restrained
How you gon’ rattle the cage
When the rap game Alice inChains hah
They hate us now because we clocking some revenue
Standing over the chef
And we looking at sh*t to add pepper to
Yeah we know that it threatens you
And we kind of expect it to
Who gon’ keep on respecting you
With these woodpeckers checcing you huh
Overstepping you might slip in the stains
Ain’t tripping we just steppin’ on brains
You can try to copy the toof
But it just won’t be the same
We laughing at every little attempt
You making to try to maintain haa

I’m not like you guys (and I’m never gonna be that)
I’m not like you
I’m not like you
I’m not like you guys (and I’m never gonna be that)
I’m not like you
I’m not like you
Dark and scary
Dark Dark and scare par- paranoia

[Verse 2: Choirboy]
Mind playing tricks
Bumping 3 – 6
Just some Geto Boys
Whipping in an old school 6
Lil different with a twist
Might roll through quick
Sipping on my b*tch
Cold Colt four fifth
Just no those risk
So don’t trip
Gonna make a cracker jacker see a bozo flip
Though not scared that kids so sick
Just look at them kicks watch the dreads go whip hah
Y’all undercover fam
Lost boy drop you like a soul Kiefer Sutherland
What I look like coming dressed as another man
Brother man other than the mother and other man
Raised me crazy 80s baby wavy
Hard work never been lazy
Say you don’t fit the mold
Can’t clone that might be too cold
But brother just know that….


[Verse 3: Ouija]
You talking to a cracka that was born with fangs (Swag Toof)
I was born with fangs
In the desert where the muddaf*ckin’ vultures hang
And the hundred degree weather that’ll scorch your brain
Where the tortured souls
Absorb the pain
And report to the Frank Oceans for novocaine
Vegas is the city where I come from so run away
Vegas is the city where I come from so run away
Cause the what the fucc were you gonna say
Super soaker bout to motion ya homies guns we Spray
See us in them hearses and you tucking ya thugs away
Cold arms of death bout to give you a hug today
Blocc where the fiends taking you all the way
Mister drug dealer just a dealer they drug away
So keep shooting them mugs at me standing in the street with cops pointing they guns at me

[Verse 4: Choirboy]
Not like you – don’t wanna be
Never ever was never ever ever gonna be
Put a chain – put a whip – put a gun on me
Funny thing isn’t that what you wanted G
Wanna see couple changes in the system
Land of the free starting to feel like a prison
pus*y dead broke and I’m looking for some vengeance
Bought big business could be your children huh
Did I get your attention fam
Van Damme always been a little f*ckin’ different man
Never owned a single pair of jay’s in my life
Its ok im alright
f*ck ya gucci in my hoopty being real witcha
Slap a a sucka muddaf*cka out his hilfiger
Talking sh*t then we got something that will deal with ya
Rather pour a 40 on your grave than drink a beer with ya

I’m.I’m.I’m Not Like You