Lyrics for World in Your Pocket by Nyck Caution :
[Produced By Chuck Strangers]

Just don’t lose it
This is what I’m living like…

[Verse 1: Nyck Caution]
I said it’s really not the same baby
Cause our feelings ain’t the same lately
I’ve been in and out the states, feeling drained crazy
I haven’t really slept in like a day or two
And dealing with yo’ crazy ass would make me stay away from you
So if I really try to tell you where my mind is at
You wouldn’t really understand it
Cause all I hear is wait and develop, but I ain’t try’na be shelfed
I’m try’na shine and make a whole f*cking lane for myself
I got racks in my pocket but I never got no racks till this rap started popping
Why would I stop now?, why would I pretend like I don’t got this flow locked down
Why would I depend on people that I know clocked out
Just because you like to talk it doesn’t mean you that you working
I can see through muthaf*ckas, keep it ‘G’ or desert us
And you don’t need to be among us, always misdirected
f*cking with the fungus, gonna leave the soul infected
This is cautionary, they ain’t get me since the elementary
When I was bitin’ in my books, they was stressin’ Jesse
If only they seen the papers they probably could’ve rolled with me
But f*ck it I don’t need them
I only need my self, with this grind and a vision
I’m not saying I don’t pray, but I’ve been taught no religion
And I’ve tried calling God, but he done kept me on hold for a minute
Threw the phone and I listen to myself (hey)
Get it and don’t regret where the path will take you
Cause once you made it, the road is something that had to make you
That’s when all the spark is in the music, so you remember what the start felt like

[Hook: Nyck Caution & Joey Bada$$]
And don’t lose it (Yeah, hey)
Just don’t lose it (Hey)
Cause you should know (the world is in your pocket young man)
(In your pocket young man)

[Verse 2: Joey Bada$$]
Hey young world messin’ round, stressin’ now
Open pack of rubber dubs all up in the dresser now
Cause what you think love is, it’s undressing and caressing
Lemme teach you adolescents a lesson
Okay confession, I use to be overly tempted
By that pretty brown round, had a longin’ for sexin’
And it really didn’t help when homies ask me the question
If I was still a virgin? cause now I’m feeling the pressure
Okay it’s grade eight now, enough pubes to shave it down
Young and curious, fast and mad furious
I was late to class for grabbin’ ass last period
Now all the girlies laugh at what a nasty kid he is
Some of them delirious, I tell them what the dealy is
Can me and you rendezvous after school?
I got the free crib, I think you should come through
Round Two, meet me right by the lunch room
Now sh*t is getting real, I was feeling the thrill
To make a long story short, I started catching a feel
That’s when things got exciting, hardly harder than steel
Thinking shortly shorty gon’ be crying, now I’m saying chill
But f*ck it, now I’m going in for the kill
Reach for my pocket, and what’d it reveal
The latex gold seal, ripped it open, caught a cold chill
I remember thinking “This how being grown feels?”
But I got nothin’ to lose except nuttin’
And my most precious of jewels, no time for frontin’
Adrenalin pumping, I took one last breath before I jumped in
Then I got to humpin’
In conclusion, I rushed it
Gave my innocence to a girl I barely f*cked with
When you get that feeling in your gut, you should trust it
Cause you got a jewel that you got to use
And not lose so don’t lose it