Lyrics for Going Legit by N.O.R.E. :
Now tell em to step up into the life of a gangster
Cause there is a difference between me and the other rappers
Other rappers talk about what their friends did
And what their friends saw
IM talking about what I did, and what I saw, smell me?
So it go a little some like this, check it out
Aha, yo, yo, yo..

Verse 1: Noreaga

Yo if I had my choice I woulda been rhyme
I woulda been told n*ggas that I coulda shine
A Yo Boricua, Pueto Rica, 100 miles IM running
IM just a n*gga for life, straight from, Iraq, just living my life
No tattle tell, he did it, she did it
Why u snitch on grown men, and snitch on kids
Yo my ice go, platinum grenade for show
Tell what? Go tell your little stink ass ho
So what I got Dou, she ain’t going get nothing Dou
I rock the Shirlock home brand, made with Timberlands
Cars ain’t nothing now, straight fronting now
I crash one get another one f*ck it now
Spanish (ten cuidao te dejo plotao)(degracio, degracio)
What, (que que que que) what…

Chorus (repeat 2x)

Who woulda thought this n-o-r making these hits
Who woulda thought this, my n*ggas making it rich
Who woulda thought this; always in and out some sh*t
Who woulda thought this, my n*ggas making legit

Verse 2: Noreaga

A Yo the movie called thugged out
End thug out, by thug out, for thugged out
You live a day in my life and just buggout
I used to live in 5e by the drug house
It was a reign and we all got paid
Cause when the crack house closed
Yo you open your stage, yellow
Bags and green tops, I got mean rocks
Selling crack buying out all the weed spots
I had doe but I still was mad
Back then, national, Willie was my cab
I was hated in the hood Yo by all the mothers
I used to, deliver food Yo my six brothers
Robbing Chinese food man, me and my crew and
Raster boys saying u,s a rude men, I grew up foul
But now ill improved that, did it for my daughter
And my little man…

Chorus (repeat 2x)

A Yo I came up, what what, making it happen
For rapping in the corner the posy we going platinum
n*ggas doubting me duo, cause I was Latin
A n*gga Rican speaking for all my Puerto Ricans
Dominicano, Peruvian, and Chicano
We in the same boat, a Yo we all sell the same coke
Getting bag in the pins with the same coke
I love my n*ggas and my n*ggas love me
You get lock, and get bailed like 1-2-3
Bartolina at the side Yo is your attorney
Clap n*ggas clap, clap (clap) Yo case dismissed
Tell the judge kiss your ass, dumb ass b*tch
Animal bud, animal thug, animal blood, Yo
Show my n*ggas like animal love..

Chorus (repeat 2x)

Who woulda thought that sh*t uh?
Spanish (maricone tan frontiando como si hicieron algo
En su vida, nunca hicieron mierda, por mi mai que lo odio
Te lo juro pai, hijo e gran puta, sopla pipi chupa panti
Que se vallan par carajo, jala lo parta la madre de lo tomate
Sinverguensa.. He he he he
Que? Que? Que? Que?