Lyrics for Sex In Crazy Places by Nicki Minaj :
[Hook- Bobby V]
I wanna do you at yo Mama house, on the couch
Do you in the bathroom of the airplane
Do you on a balcony, in the taxi
Cause I can’t get enough of that thing

[Verse 1 – Nicki Minaj]
Let’s do up in Disney at the Magic Kingdom
You can tug on my Giuseppes and my Bagley Mischkas
I’m a ba ba ba, I’m a bag of fun
I’m a pro with them balls like And 1
Now lets go, Mexico that’s where we next to go
Do him like his momma make him eat his vegetables
Can call me a stage mom, boy you best to blow
Or you can even call me Wanda cause I’m “ret ta go”
You know I’m spoiled little daddy, stomps the floor
We can do it on Fifth Ave in the Department store
We can do it in Tokyo, we do it in Taiwan
All my Harajuku girls say I am they icon


[Verse 2 – Gucci Mane]
Don’t compare me to your X-man, baby he a local joker
I’ll take you to six-flags and drill you on the roller coaster
Call your girlfriends over, we can have a sleepover
Buy your ass a Jeep so I can f*ck you in your Range Rover
Pictures in the nude, on the cruise, we gonna make the news
Sex great, sex tape, ready for a Youtube
Damn, it turn me on we do it in your momma home
Father long gone but Gucci be you daddy baby
I can fly you anywhere. We can sex in crazy places
Airport, train stations, going up the escalator
At the Dome, on the 50 I’mma throw it, you da center
When you hike it, Ima spike it
Girl dont act like you don’t like it

[Verse 3 – Trina]
How bad you wanna do me on a scale of 1 to 10?
You like the way I bend, now you asking where I’ve been
If I’m doing him, now you starting that again?
I dont wanna sex ya friend. He don’t got enough to lend
Plus he was doing Lynn and she ain’t nothing like amazing
Her stuff run deep and he don’t have a occupation
I’m known across the nation, Trina’s that chick
Bow-legged, red bone, long hair, real thick
Do me at my mama house? No, I don’t think so
I got too much class, but you can try San Pedro
I need the biggest mansion, ocean backyard
With the newest Maybach and inside a black card

[Bobby V]
Tonight, I’ll touch you in ya favorite spot (oh yeah)
Promise to get ya body so hot (we can do it anywhere)
So baby, don’t be scared, if they see us baby I don’t care
We can do it in the Gucci store
Close down the mall girl you just don’t know
In front of the police, in front of your daddy, girl it’s you and me
And I don’t give a damn that’s why they call me Bobby V