Lyrics for Re-Birth by Napoleon Da Legend :
Verse: Napoleon Da Legend
From the era of crack babies and guns act shady you done
Pack ladies in the back of the Mercedes for fun
This the beginning of the end the fat lady has sung
Miscellaneous funds this for those who tried to play me for dumb
Bruno Mars status might have to move to Mars after
Getting press like a car crash with a Kardashian
Broads catching orgasms when the god spazzing
Sarcastic when I’m dissing you just target practice
I do my part when I can move with confidence man
As you can see I’m light skinned but I get dark when I tan
For the love only so much an artist can stand
Rather get paid for my art than work a job for the man
This is Po incorporated of course a little jaded
I wouldn’t trade it after the show of course a little faded
This is grass roots no astroturf
This year I’m fresh out of favors so don’t even ask for a verse
Go ahead call him as*h*le and j*rk just watch the master at work
No pain no gain I just laugh when I’m hurt
I got the props now I’m after the perks this is the afterbirth
On a journey to new lands like Captain Kirk
Facts is first got a birds eye view of the earth
Messiah returns fire burns use your 3rd eye to observe
The alpha and omega nuff said alpha male out for the bread
Bars that give life to the dead