Lyrics for God Future (Intro) by MC Jin :
[Verse 1: MC Jin]
I know its been a while since you heard from me probably wonderin’ with uncertainty
If I’m alive guess what I died but I came back with a urgency
All thanks to a red cross now I’m marchin’ on with a salvation army
If you get close enough you can take a whif I bet you smell salvation on me
Lately I been soakin’ up The Word gota find time to invest in it
The old me is dead what you see now is a new livin’ testament
They can’t fathom how I could just turn my back like that on the industry
Well I just turned 30 and that’s when Jesus started His ministry
Lost in the wilderness no signs of makin’ it out the woods yet
He’s like a dance instructor how I follow in His footsteps
Brothers and sisters please accept my apology
For lettin’ the powers that be shape me into a novelty
At one point I’d do anything for that hit like the lottery
Wish I could go back and delete my entire discography
At least before I got saved only concern that I got paid
I was purely Hiphop’s slave diggin’ dirt for my own grave
Leave it up to me I’d be passin’ away but by His grace and His passion to save
For my sake He allowed me to start with a clean slate like the first class of the day
The other 99 went that way I’m that one sheep that went astray
Use to wanna be like Jay now I’m thinkin’ more along the lines of Crae
See I realize now that this gift of rhyme was given by my Heavenly father
And the truth is any recogition that we ever got never was ours
I’m praying for you if your future is odd
Cause all I see in my future is God