Lyrics for Through & Through by Live (band) :
“””Through & Through””

Verse 1
I’ve asserted the flow I got a firm grip/
It’s getting hard on’ em not quick as a burn get/
Trying to learn this/
You’ll pull ya brain muscle/
These rappels ai’nt worth sh*t I make ’em pay double/
Troubles with the law. Nah I don’t have none/
Cause I know who the f**k to stay away from/
Once the words seep deep into your eardrums/
You’ll understand why I gott’em all high-strung/
Suck my p*nis/
Trying to victim my genius/
Blow ’em out throw ’em away like I do my damn Kleenex/
It’s. Nothing to the man who packs a plan/
My brain moves a warp speed before yours begins/
You think you cooler in that Caddie/
Well silly ni**a that Benz won’t make you happy/
My life lacked a Poppa. But I don’t miss my Daddy/
Sometimes I sit and wonder why my Mother loved him madly-/
Well I guess I can relate I used to love my babymother more than Oprah gained weight/
So what’s the haps? It’s time to shake I got 101 shows it’s only 52 states/ (Im working hard!)

Im working hard!
Im working hard!
Im working hard!
Im working hard!
My God!

Verse 2
To be a living legend/
Is such a misconception/
Im on the field for real but I ain’t throwing intercepections/
My lyrics my possession/
You take it how you wanna/
I bet you understand it like you heard it from ya Mama/
Yeah- I believe in karma/
That’s why I don’t pack gats/
Im smart as hell I know Apple ain’t make the eyepatch/
I rhyme pure in fact/
Come watch it bubble up/
It’s still on paper. That means it’s uncut/
I call an artist bluff/
These turkey’s full of stuff/
You couldn’t go against me cause you ain’t rapped enough/
You hear the bar structure/
You hear the flow and/
You thinking damn this ni**a been computer programmed/
Im moving fast as cars/
Im out of here on Mars/
Never taking off. Ni**ga Im working hard/
A job well done/
Seen seldom/
He better than me. Yeah when Hell come/
Above ground/
And sh*it’s no longer brown/
When my kids can play outside and the cops don’t carry pounds/
(Till then)
So till then Im on they ass/
And ain’t no need to feel me up because Im already gassed/