Lyrics for Erryday by League of Starz :
Do this sh*t erryday

[Hook: x2]
I’m making money n*gga erryday, erryday, erryday
She making promises erryday, erryday, erryday
I’m sipping somethin’ smoking mary jane, mary jane, erryday
Kilos of gold on erryday, erryday, it’s pay day

[Verse 1:]
Mozart with the Mulsanne
Most hated with the most chains
I’m polar bear on my ice game
You pointing fingers, someone to blame
I’m sick of sh*t, n*gga, tired of liars
So high feel like dying
No reparations, no check for slavery
My current location somewhere in Vegas
Man I hope I make it, hope I make it
God’s plan, not even you can save me
King Musa baby, I’m a Musa baby
I need baby like a more baby
Need dacor baby, my house amazin’
Went so low like a temptation
sh*t gettin’ rough, gotta be abrasive
Signs of things, gotta keep a banger
f*ck that, when you ends low can’t trust nobody
My back against the wall and I don’t f*ck with nobody
Know somebody caught a body and he haunted, I don’t want that
Count your blessings, stop complainin’
Be precision with your aimin’
Cause I’m

[Hook: x2]

[Verse 2:]
(Wish you knew somebody, wish you knew that keep it quiet
Ain’t new to this island, if you knew me you be silent
Everyday that’s a new b*tch in my face, what you say
Pop that Rollie in my case and my space like NASA sponsor)
pus*y monster, chop that nonsense, it get violent round my way
(?) better make your mind up, start that engine, need you start us
I’m typically not normal, I ain’t atheist so believe in me
All about my currency, dollar signs and kingery
The new Messiah, follow me into your freedom
I can lead you, swear of allegiance
No more pain and grievin’
Suffer long from dreamin’
When I know what’s up with me and Wiz Khalifa
But me and Wiz Khalifa smokin’ reefer
Then I’m flyin’ private to a feature cause

[Hook: x3]