Lyrics for Airplane Flight by Kool A.D. :
We took a airplane flight [x3]

[Hook: Kool A.D.] [x2]
We took an airplane flight
Nothing quite like an airplane right?
We got schemes of the hair-brain type
Plus a couple water tight ones, alright then?

[Verse 1: Kool A.D.]
The machinery, TV eye, free greenery
Chinese opium war, why you scoping me for?
YouTube instructional, un-with-f*ckable
Unibomber swag, you don’t wanna ask
Young log cabin, lemme have what y’all havin’
Artisanal mall cabins, what’s the cost of fun?
Born in jail, shout out to carmike?
Violence is simple but its conditions of repercussions is all trifling nuance
Cops want to f*ck with truants to fill their quotas
Walking around like fat Ray Liottas
Black cop just a fat, black Ray Liotta
Remember Kool A.D. I told ya, pride is a wild ride, rollercoaster
Playing Ohio, spinach, lay in the phyllo, phyllo dough, Dostoevsky, Cee-Lo bro, tower of power
Welcome to the O-doh buddy, blud, you don’t me from nobody
Lampin’ in nice houses but spots to smoke huddy
They telling me to sing on more hooks, I’m like shut up already, damn

[Hook: Kool A.D.] [x2]

[Verse 2: DaVinci]
Jumped straight out my pajamas
Hopped the bird to Atlanta
Kept it knit like a candle
Chunk deuces to the camera
I’m an ana-more for the dough
Pay your toll
When you’re coming to the city bring a hammer, n*gga
Block nothin’ like the Tanners
Cops grindin’, b*tches all scandalous
I’m a bandit, outlandish
So I just brush them off my shoulders like dandruff
This is how a G move
Rap, I’m a beast du’
Rappin’ since hide and go get it back in preschool
n*gga, I’m still hair-brain scheming
Love a bad b*tch who ain’t scared to drink semen
Clear in the morning, dark liquor in the evening
Styrofoam cup, jolly rancher with the lean in
I’mma knock it down for johnny vandalism?
Rap aneurism, yeah thoroughbred rockin’ now
Block scientist, y’all know what time it is
Steaks on us, homie I am all about it then
Hey a hella holly olly oxin free
If its bout gettin’ paper you can rock with me

[Hook: DaVinci] [x2]

We took a airplane flight [repeated]