Lyrics for Intro by Kill Bill: The Rapper :
You are now in the mix mix mix
With DJ Hentai Daddy

Ayyo ayyo ayyo, it’s your main villain back once again on them ones and twos, it’s DJ Hentai Daddy
And I’m still waiting on Bill’s slow ass to get to the studio
Like this janky ass spot low-key smells kinda like onions and buffalo chicken and sh*t
But like we still cranked out some classic mp3s for that ass, b*tch
It’s Drop Season volume one, don’t get it f*cking confused
We in full affect, summertime never ends, all that emotional bullsh*t DJ talk
Low-key got some teardrops on my timbs mixing this sh*t down for y’all, I ain’t afraid to admit it
But sh*t, let’s get straight into this sh*t my G
Ayyo Bill, what time is it?

It’s Drop Season