Lyrics for Waiting by K.Flay :
Waiting on a corner
For a cab that never comes
So I end up walking twenty blocks
Scuffing up my dunks
And I’m p*ssed off
Just bought those sneakers yesterday
Life is rarely fair’s what you better say
Pop into a restaurant
I’m waiting for a drink to take the edge off
Of what I think time moving slow, sense my cells dividing
And I might be the saddest girl alive
But I might not, you decide
So now I’m waiting on a judgement
From a stranger I’ve addressed in a song
That I wrote in a basement
I’ve been sitting in far too long
And the fear is adjacent
To the calm complacent
But the moment but soon crying out for my mom
Waiting for the bomb to tick
The grenade to blow never know when the pin gets pulled
That’s why I’m laying low
I’ll get a grip, I keep on saying so feet are floating
All around looking for a place to go

Re-re relax
Why can’t I Relax
I need to, I ne-I ne-need to Relax
Why can’t I Relax
Re-re Relax

Waiting on a quiz that I took in U.S. History:
True or false life is just an exercise in Misery?
Attempting to discern what this noise is about
The reaper’s waiting for my heart to fizzle out
It seems like everybody’s eyes locked on a timepiece
Blinded by the rat race, cutthroat, nice jeans
Dazzled by the bright lights, fake junk, sightseeing
Caught up in a smoke haze, bloodshot, Visine
Waiting for my roommates to wake up
Waiting to eat some breakfast, cause’ I’m hungover as f*ck
All I’ve got’s myself to blame I guess
When I’m asleep’s the only time I’m not depressed
So I’m waiting waiting on a pillow
Praying for some sheets
Dodging my own demons I abscond deep in my dreams
It’s difficult to say which hurts the most
Wandering or doing it alone

Why can’t I Relax
I need to, I ne-I ne-need to Relax
Why can’t I Relax