Lyrics for Lemmy by JPEGMAFIA :
Yeah, hip-hop
Hip-hop, uh

Uh, only want to hit raw
I got the slickest flows, sickest hoes, sickest cars
JPEG bringing the violence to your town hall
Kicking in the door with the newly plated chrome
And I shoot at the cops
I don’t give a f*ck about the ops
Twelve suck my di*k, b*tch, get my kicks
All that lip service you gon’ get what you wish for
Now watch me take another rockstar out the picture
Yes, it’s the sister, lemme kill mister
Aiming at your warden I bet I won’t miss her
Stumble over that body like I’m p*ss drunk
Lemmy, your face is not a hand and my knuckles try to fist bump
If I don’t bill ya, then I’d kill ya
So I’m coming at your head with every single piece of nazi memorabilia, you got
b*tch I am 2Pac, another perfect day to catch an iron fist, you never try to call an ace of spades you old b*tch ass, white bread, cracker jack, n*gga
You got guns, I got guns, let’s see who guns is bigger
I shoot you run, you shoot I bomb on you n*gga
Nagasaki, let your f*cking ugly cousins watch me get that sloppy toppy from your momma, sister, daughter, anybody
Cut somebody? Think I wanna sample your discography?
n*gga, please, the f*ck you think this is? ’83
Like you didn’t still rock, jazz, blues in ’53
Techno, disco, soul, country, and R&B
Can we please have it back, along with all those f*cking g’s?
Rock & Roll hall of fame, filled with f*cking culture thieves
Now you wanna sh*t on the rap game? b*tch please
Shut your f*cking mouth man
Keep being a culture vulture like a good European
Imma cremate your life with the urn on my damn porch and smoke Your f*cking ashes out the page of the Torah, okay? Okay

Real sh*t, f*ck Motorhead man, and f*ck any of these old ass motherf*ckers that think anything without guitars isn’t music, motherf*ckers y’all stole that genre in the first place, now y’all wanna sh*t on rap? The fu- what’s wrong you with y’all n*ggas, man? Thats li- y’all can’t be satisfied with anything that doesn’t have your face on it. Man, the f*ck outta here man, f*ck the sh*t n*gga. Y’all so f*ckin’ weak, man, all you fat, neckbeard, atheist, metalhead motherf*ckers man, keep hip-hop’s name the f*ck out your mouth, man. We don’t want sh*t to do with you man, stop worrying about us, don’t worry about nothin’ we doin’ man. Stay your b*tchass in the YouTube comments section, your natural habitat n*gga. Y’all ain’t built for this sh*t n*gga. Keep screaming about dragons and sh*t man, f*ck ass trust funds kids playing with they toys n*gga. Y’all so f*cking pus*y, you gotta be hard on the exterior because you pus*y as f*ck on the inside man. All you f*ck ass metalheads n*gga. The f*ck outta here with that bullsh*t n*gga. And f*ck Mastodon too n*gga. Have them twerking in the video, you think that sh*t cute? What if I made a video making fun of metal, n*gga? What if it had like, ya know what I’m saying, three white dudes sitting ’round in the dorm listening to Tool and telling di*k jokes and sh*t, you wouldn’t think that sh*t is funny huh? What is that? Reverse racism? Reverse these nuts n*gga! f*ck y’all man! pus*y man…

I just met the most marvelous bunch of n*ggers! The most marvelous bun-