Lyrics for Still (August 13, 2016) by Jay Rock :
…used to compromise
Tell em in them interviews I’m not the guy
But I peep it all
I rarely be the one involved
When n*ggas got so much to say
I barely even speak at all, it keep it all
Stored inside my memory like a sim card
Just me in the streets playing guitar
And this empty Folgers can I’m using as my tip jar
Whether I trip or fall, I know I’ll always be at peace
Cuz it was the streets that brought me this far
Duck and dodgin these pitfalls
Rollin over these potholes
Latin women in ponchos introducing me to El Chapos
My Vato
Live and die
LA is the place to be
Red rags and Blue rags, LoLos and new ‘Lacs
Foreign whips with the top back
Smokin on that green crack
Deep inside the lower development houses where the fiends at
They high off that good yay
Got em with that good feel
Drunken gang and liquor still
Drunken gang and liquor still
Headed to the liquor store
To get a gang of liquor still
Loaded off that vodka
Lookin for some sh*t to steal, with the steel