Lyrics for Perverse Suffering by Jak Tripper :
I swear these kids clone-proof and breed
These audiences is of computer geeks
I murdered a Worcester family one night
And stood in the house rocking Judas Priest
I’m like Ted Bundy in a rave with glowsticks giving brunettes ease
Generation X slacker, don’t give me that, who is he
The most famous suicide, soon to be
My name ring bells like shooting shooting speed
Compulsive, my room is neat
In bloom I talk to a corpse like
I promise will go away on vacation, just you and me
And what movement scene
Underground rappers dead
Come to my show, I hope you boo and leave
You could call me engine head, diesel fuel machine
Obsoleting defiant fan blades spittin’ uber heat
And if you think what I spit, then you’ll get why I smell like a groupie’s perfume in heat
Smothering the scent of shoveling cubic feet
I showed up to the show in a gown with wristbands
Slit hands, pass me the dips man
Supercoven, I waive the Gonzo fist flag
I get chicks man
I go out my wingman is a bottle of chloroform and a dishrag
I’m a young prince, crystal ship, touch chicks in Xanax holes
Mood ring blacker than spoon bottoms I stashed at home
I’m so gone the Earth stands to clap at shows
Acid magic, white rabbit flow
Dust, tabs and coke
Chaos, witchcraft occult
Cross country, yellow punch buggy
Crumb on plastic spokes
Handcuffs, nylon, mask and rope
Violent Satanist
Addict rap, braggadocio
I think I suck, but you’re not half as dope
I have no soul