Lyrics for Woodstock Park by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow :
Here in a little rustic hermitage
AAAAAAA&nbsp Alfred the Saxon King, Alfred the Great,
AAAAAAA&nbsp Postponed the cares of king-craft to translate
AAAAAAA&nbsp The Consolations of the Roman sage.
Here Geoffrey Chaucer in his ripe old age
AAAAAAA&nbsp Wrote the unrivalled Tales, which soon or late
AAAAAAA&nbsp The venturous hand that strives to imitate
AAAAAAA&nbsp Vanquished must fall on the unfinished page.
Two kings were they, who ruled by right divine,
AAAAAAA&nbsp And both supreme; one in the realm of Truth,
AAAAAAA&nbsp One in the realm of Fiction and of Song.
What prince hereditary of their line,
AAAAAAA&nbsp Uprising in the strength and flush of youth,
AAAAAAA&nbsp Their glory shall inherit and prolong?