Lyrics for Untitled by Henry Lin :
[Verse 1]
Searching up, wondering what’s new
Kept what’s left: love’s residue
Swirling sediment can still dilute with bittersweet tears but keep it out of view
The lonely nights bleeding into the next
Transition with the razor glide across the wrist
Elegant like the blades of a figure skater, death spiralling on the flimsiest ice
Hoping I never wake up
Chest heaving, short breathing at the onset of the end
But seeing it coming and believing it are quite different
Remember when you promised we would grow old together?
Made me think that you were “the one”
Saving half of my pay every month for a ring
Now I need to pop two: one for each benzene and diazepine to immobilise the rage
His dismembered corpse sinking all the way into the sea
Rest in pieces, decomposing

[Verse 2]
Learning that happiness is temporary, nothing good ever lasts long enough
Man, staying even hopeful is starting to get hard
There’s nothing to look forward to just want to lock myself in my room
Scrolling through our photos on Facebook, realising you’re my Kim, my twisted muse
Suicidal contemplations
Embracing all the sensations
The tingling across the forehead when you’re edging closer to death
Loneliness feels like the panicking scutter of insects crawling under your skin
Nothing feels like it’s in my control
Keep smiling ’cause if you weep then you weep alone
Waking up at 2am, counting down the hours ’til dawn
That’s when it all hit me that you were never coming home
I hope you feel my pain, spreading like crimson dye in a warm bath
I’m starting to feel faint
Eyes fluttering like my heart when you kissed me on our first date as I hear my ? muffled screams in the distance yelling my name